A Letter to Encourage

We all have different motivations for adopting. It can be to expand your family, begin your family, “save a child”, to give a child a future – a hope – a dream. But what if the reason God called us to adoption is to stretch us beyond our capacity?

Each and every child God creates is a gift. Whether a baby, toddler, school aged, or aging out – each child can teach us a little something about ourselves – or even grow us beyond ourselves. Perhaps we are called to adoption because we were set apart? We may not have the fancy degrees, tons of money, a palace to live in, or the best upbringing ourselves – but what if that’s why we are called? If God calls us to follow him in obedience perhaps we are chosen for a reason. God doesn’t choose the proud and mighty but the humble in spirit. We may think we aren’t the ideal parents – that maybe we won’t raise our children properly because we don’t have it all figured out. Not that I’m an expert in psychology but from what I have gathered – none of us have it all figured out. I believe that’s where we go beyond ourselves and trust in God. The one who calls you to it will see you through it.

I would encourage you today – that if you or someone you know is considering adoption to take a moment to pray and ask for guidance. Every child is valuable and I believe every obedient parent to God’s call is valuable as well!