“Why are they mean to me?”  He wonders.  “Why do they make fun of me?” He wonders.  “Why do they hurt me?”  He wonders.  Jacob does the best he can.  He goes to school.  He listens.  He keeps to himself.  But he is still bullied.  One reason he is bullied is because he isJacob edited the only one left.  He is the only older boy who hasn’t been chosen by a family.  He has seen his friends come and go.  Go to their forever.  But he still waits.  And while he waits, he suffers.  He suffers at the hands of other kids.  And he has no one to turn to.  There is no Mommy to kiss his boo-boos.  There is no Daddy to teach him the words to fight back.  There is no big brother to watch out for him.  There is no one.  Just Jacob.  Feeling completely alone.  Hurting.

“Maybe if I’m quieter they will stop.”  “Maybe if I looked cuter they would pick me.”  “Maybe if I was bigger they would leave me alone.”  “Maybe if I was smarter they would pick me.”  “Maybe…” “Maybe…” “Maybe….”  The maybes continue to swirl around in Jacob’s head Jacob 4as to why he’s bullied.  As to why he’s not picked by a forever family.  He can’t figure it out.  And frankly, neither can we.  This sweet, quiet, precious little boy has endured far more than he deserves.  He deserves love.  He deserves protection.  He deserves safety.  He deserves forever.  Help us find his forever by stepping up to host him this summer. 

Jacob is available for hosting this summer in Pennsylvania, Maryland, or Illinois.  Significant grants available for those families who qualify.  You do not have to be interested in adoption.  You simply need to be interested in being love for Jacob for four short weeks.  Email for more information, or visit us at our webpage.